• Charlie Moores


Jo and I were woken last night by the arrival of Storm Bella scrabbling at the windows, trying to get in. An external door swung in the wind. Our little house is solid, like an interlocking pile of rocks girdered with mortar, but the windows are fragile things and the water seeps through and into the wallpaper. We love our piece of common ground in the summer, but winter brings challenges…

...and opportunities of course. We’re surrounded by trees, and Bella tore through them on its way to our home - ripping through naked beeches and oaks, bursting past the wispy twigs of a feathery birch, battling its way through a dense yew that has swallowed what’s left of the front fence. I went outside in the dark. It sounded like the sea had raced inland and was charging across the Wiltshire countryside, pouring into our garden in great waves. Rain came along for the wildest of rides. It threw itself against the house, pinged in huge wet drips off a metal bin, streamed from a holed section of guttering, bounced off our stone steps, and swelled the brook behind us.

I’ve been making podcasts for some years now, and Jo and I have been playing with the idea of recording and editing short audio postcards for this site. Capturing specific moments in sound. This last howl of 2020 was one of those opportunities I referred to above. 'Bella - A storm passes through' is made up of eleven layered tracks, all recorded last night. They’re edited in stereo and we recommend listening through headphones if you can. We hope you enjoy it.

Common Ground

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