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Any colour as long as it's grey

I think I got ahead of myself the other day when I predicted a series of posts about the glories of our feeder and the birds that come to it.

While beautifully framed images full of yellows and greens, blacks and whites, pinks and blues (to put it a little pompously) danced in my imagination – the reality is much more grey-toned. Winter grey. Grey as in ‘who turned down the daylight?’ grey.

It’s all a bit like a rather grumpy graphic artist has put the world into photoshop and been too heavy-handed with the ‘Desaturate’ slider. Or if Bob Ross forgot the Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, and Prussian Blue and just loaded Sludge and Fag Ash onto his palette and sighed his way through a ‘Somewhere a bit dull at a rather dull time of day’ landscape before giving up halfway through and wandering off to find a cabin and a broken fence in a nice range of browns...

Not that there is just one shade of grey of course (which is the only reference I’ll be making to THAT series of stories in this or any other future) - there is ‘heavy cloud’ grey, ‘muddy road’ grey, ‘wet lichen’ grey, ‘soaked roof slate’ grey, ‘lifeless garden pond’ grey, ‘decaying fly on the window ledge’ grey ‘totally fed-up pigeon’ grey, and ‘disgruntled blogger’ grey (though that’s more of a mood than an actual colour, truth to be told) – but when something as vivacious as a Great Tit becomes a Grey Tit and merges into a grey background (‘dead buddleia’ grey?) you know you may as well give up and change your blogging plans.

Though, having said all that, it’s been quite fun raiding the internal dictionary for a morning’s moan. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on greens...Or we can all just hope the sun finally comes out and I cheer up...Fingers crossed, eh.

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