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We're Charlie and Jo. 


We live in Wiltshire, England, among fields, woodland copses and streams; alongside deer, owls, badgers, foxes and many others. There are insects, birds, mammals, wildflowers and amphibians, most of whom have lived here longer than us humans.


Common Ground is where we share our love for this land, its other inhabitants and the life-enhancing benefits of knowing your wild neighbours.



Raised in the West Country of England, I found my sense of self exploring the countryside with a dog by my side. My first ambition was to be a bird (I considered myself fluent in wood pigeon), my second was to know how it feels to have roots like a tree. I’m still waiting.


Fifty years on, I go to the woods and the water, the earth and the elements to reconnect to the truth of who and what I am. Fascinated by all the beings that share this planet with us, and painfully aware that we as a species have abused our relationship with Life, I love sharing the joy, inspiration and magic we find when we step back into the natural world.


My life has pretty much been guided by a love of wildlife. Butterflies to begin with (so my beloved grandmother told me), then I discovered birds. I fell hard. Birds became the measure of everything: where I went, who I spent time with, my highs and lows. My obsession.


Many years later that love is still there but has broadened into a deeper commitment. A need to protect. Much of my working life is spent writing articles and recording interviews. I document decline. It can be soul-sapping work. So why spend my late-summer years on a project writing more articles, making more recordings? Because here I want to commemorate. Rejoice. Celebrate. And there is no person on this beautiful planet of ours I want to do that with more than Jo...

Common Ground

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